WiiU sells less than Vita in UK, we need to talk about it.

Forums - Gaming Discussion - WiiU sells less than Vita in UK, we need to talk about it.

The uk is not going to make or break the wii u, like I said is it not normally included in with the rest of Europe in sales Figures


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Worse Graphics than Ps360.
Worse Games.
More Expensive.

Do the maths.

Sony and Microsoft were right at dont care about Wii U, 360 and Ps3 will easilly handle it while Next Gen doesnt arrive.


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Both the Vita and the wiiU are fine. Not so much the vita but sony wont roll over and let the thing die, neither will Nintendo with the WiiU.

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Fixed lol

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benji232 said:

Hahaha, so you are already sure that the wii u will flop? 


No. That was a joke. People here are saying wii u will fail even though it looks to have had a successful launch so far. It isn't flopping. Selling out in the uk is something that hasn't happened since kinect launched so that isn't a failure.

Oh, sorry then. I didn't think you were joking. :)

Predictions for LT console sales:

PS4: 120M

XB1: 70M

WiiU: 14M

3DS: 60M

Vita: 13M

Because it's £260 for the basic Wii U

You can get a PS3 super slim for £140...

Remember you could get the Sega Dreamcast for £99 whilst the PS2 was £299.

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these are weekend sales, not a full weeks worth. For the weekend of its launch it did 40k, EU also recieved less units than the US, in the US they say it did around 400K first week, 40k in 2 days is 10%, of the US first week during a huge shopping week. If the final weeks numbers dont look much better than maybe its in trouble, but well see.

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