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Nintendo made some bad decisions with the Wii U launch. They offered two distinct models, which not only differed in color but also internal specs, essentially making production much more complex and thus probably resulting in less units produced than could have been with a one model approach.

All because they were afraid of the 350 USD / Euro price tag. Demand shows they were wrong and could have just focused on the black model to make production less complex / more efficient, and resulting in higher sales (even without more units produced).

Clearly someone will loose his job over this.

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o rly?

It will be similar to the PS Vita launch. First both versions will sell well, then the less hardcore will start opting for the cheaper one. Eventually the public will think even $300 is too much. The only difference is the Wii U will take a few years to do this instead of a few days.

They needed the $300 or there would have been a whole lot of commentary over the $100 difference between wii and wiiU. It seems wasted, but it was needed. It killed any talk of wii u being too expensive. I don't think Nintendo is overly concerned about total sales volume for Wii U this year. They are going to sell about 5 million systems give or take no matter what they do. They have to work out bugs and settle into the manufacturing process. They will sell every system they make. It's next year where decisions will start to matter.

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