Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is it a good idea for Nintendo to move away from the casual market?

The GC died a slow death trying to play with the big boys. The 3DS is struggling in the west as a core system.


Now i see  that the games that did the worst on the Wii uu are casual games. Nintendo already said they want to cater to 3rd parties this gen.


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is it smart to forget about the casual audience?






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it was not a good decision on nintendo's part to focus on core gamers at the expense of casuals. imo.

I think they are hitting all markets. I think it will work wonders. For launch, they are hitting core. Core titles are doing well which is great for future support. Next year they will launch some mainstream apps that will turn it into the hot item of 2013... there is no point in doing that now, they don't have enough supply and all the systems would have been but up by us game fans anyway. They will target casuals in the middle of the year.

No way, because in certain/many instances, Nintendo has proven that they can make a lot of money from selling to casuals. Equally, if you cater just for the hardcore, no matter how good your game is, it still has the potential to undersell. I think there were a few hardcore games that undersold this year 2012 - no?

I would agree, however, that Nintendo should focus on selling certain games only to Westerners, and where they cannot make such games themselves, maybe because they just don't have the time or will, they should then be in the business heavily of publishing those games as Nintendo exclusives.

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Well look at the sales of Just Dance 4. I think the problem with those games is that they simple suck and those games probably didn't have enough advertising. 

The market is still there and is strong. As long as tablets can't give you the party type experience or the dance experience there will be room for those casual gamers on home consoles.

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Yes I think they should, because I enjoyed the gamecube much more than the Wii. Nintendo has so much money stored up that a poorly selling hardcore system would get the best possible first party games.

Of course the hardcore market means less money, but by that logic Nintendo should also make smartphone games and reap in billions.

Nintendo isn't moving away from the casual market without cause. The casual market has all but evaporated. Over the coarse of this console generation. There is no reason to place a disproportionate amount of emphasis on this particular group of consumers. When they probably account for five percent of the total audience, and probably account for less then that in sales. Especially when Microsoft is over achieving in that market now with their look mom no control Kinect setup.

Nintendo has to go with the majority. Which also includes the big spenders. The casual market was a fad market, and they just aren't the force they were five years ago. They came, they played, they got bored, and they left. Nintendo holding a empty sack that is. It isn't a mistake to go where the gamers are, and not to be too terribly blunt. Those games probably sold bad, because there just isn't anyone to buy them anymore.

They are not moving away from the casual market. Have you even seen the WiiU adds lately? Those are aimed at the casual market.

No casuals buy a brand new system at 350$ at launch. Nintendo knows this. Casual doesnt even know what the WiiU is. Nintendo can't possible hop to get the casuals w/o getting some market penetration first. When more ppl buys the system (mainly cores) the casuals will know what the system is and thx to word to mouth they will start buying it.


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Nintendo didn't move away from casuals. Casuals moved away from Nintendo.

The people who lined up to buy the Wii are right now probably playing Angry Birds or "Insert smartphone game" for free. They aren't coming back to buy a $350 console and $60 games for it. By definition casuals don't care much about gaming and are likely happy with the free wish wash they are getting on their smartphones and tablets.

Hardcore are the only ones Nintendo have left.


Nintendo land is casual so I don't know what you're talking about

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