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So much of recent discussion has focused on the Wii U. Because what we care about is Nintendo's continued existence to make more of the games we enjoy, we need to start thinking longer-term than that. Here are some ideas from Malstrom, (almost) refreshingly free of his usual focuses and just talking business. I particularly agree with the last one here.


- Create a true account system

- Sell hardware, at a profit, for a low price

- Re-evaluate who the actual flagship games are.

- Make a "New Legend of Zelda" like NSMB.

- Profitability should be the aim, not innovation.

- Abandon Non-Gaming uses of the console

- Reduce the focus on 3D titles and technology

- Embrace online multiplayer

- Make more small games instead of large games.

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Nintendo needs to work on the overall OS. Loading times and structure specifically. A lot of people have trouble even finding the friends list (hit home button anytime). It should be incorporated into the Miiverse. Also, some features need to be added. Receiver support for the remote. OS level voice chat. Some kind of a reward system. I would love it if Sakurai would be in charge of this after he is done with Smash Brothers.

There is a lot that has to be done but I think Nintendo knows this and I'm pretty sure it will improve significantly over time.

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That article was horrible sorry but it's true .

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ninetailschris said:
That article was horrible sorry but it's true .

Could you explain why? Are the points he has made wrong?

True account system + achievements. That's critical and I'm wondering why Nintendo isn't stepping up their game.

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pffft, now he's starting to sound like an HD fan.

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True account system Please. Right now.

They need to fix the cropping issue on old TVs that have overscan.

Your screen can be readjusted in miiverse so should be able to do it at system level.



In all seriousness, number 1 is going to happen on Wii U eventually (they've spoken of it coming in a firmware update), the question is how soon

Number 3 seems to be happening to some degree, starting with NSMBU which clearly had more time put into it than many of the other NSMB games, more modes, more content, more thought into overworld and progression, etc.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

Mr Khan said:
pffft, now he's starting to sound like an HD fan.

I mean the Wii U is HD, right?


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