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*VGChartz Holiday Avatar Thread*!!!

Season's greetings!

It's officially December! That means holiday avatars for all!

Now you MUST request an avatar to show your holiday spirit, or I won't like you anymore and you're banned from my wall



And feel free to come in and show off your own holiday themed avatars as well.

Season's greetings to all :D



You can't autoplay music/videos on the boards. I've made the embedded video viewable and it is no longer autoplay. Even though I think it was cleverly and appropriately done, we've made it a standard around here. Sorry!


My 3DS Friend code is 0877-1237-2177 ...ADD ME! :D

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First off, here's one on the house for all you avatarless guys out there :D (player2's idea)

My 3DS Friend code is 0877-1237-2177 ...ADD ME! :D

I will not keep this avatar all season. But I will want one.... later. For my sig as well!

do me :)

That huge picture in my profile. That will be my sig again when I can add it.

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This is exciting. OK, Miz, I'm going to change avatars to get something that will be easier to make into a holiday avatar. Will you do the honors?

Edit: Here's a link to the picture:

Do me! Do me!

How is there music?

edit: I like it.  Makes me wanna play some christmas games.

happydolphin said:

do me :)


My 3DS Friend code is 0877-1237-2177 ...ADD ME! :D

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Where is the noise coming from?