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their headline.. WII U NOW IN STOCK!

Although still early, wii didn't have much of any stock for more than 2 years and wasn't available for order on many online gaming sites for quite a while..



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1) More stock
2) Higher price
3) Launch software is less must-buy than Wii Sports


I seen two when I was at Walmart today buying some groceries.

I think the WiiU is going to do great in Japan though. It can't never be the Wii, that was a special, new type of gaming.

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Still waiting for my pre-order (Canada)
Damn Americans hoarding stuff they don't even want, pfft.

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I don't think there is anybody who thinks the Wii U will sell as well as the Wii, that doesn't make it a failure.

Not sure leo-j of all people should have made this thread...

In any case, looks about how I expected (so far).

Thank you for the heads up! You've made at least two little boys guaranteed happy on Xmas day.

Here is a question for those with a Wii U: is Nintendo Land going to blow up big? Wii Sports pretty much made the Wii when it went viral with the casual crowd. Seriously, I can't tell you how many non-gaming adults I had come into work and tell me about this crazy new game that told you if you were over-weight and it let you play tennis and how they went out and bought one the next day. Does anything with the Wii U have that kind of potential?

I hear Nintendo Land is a lot of fun but fun doesn't always translate to casual interest.

What's the difference being "in stock" and "completely in stock"? Does GameStop have 100% of their Wii U stock shipment? Has no one bought a Wii U?

They are said times for Nintendo.