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Hi all just wanted to say since that last two updates for the 360 dashboard my 360 is not the same,it is slow to get to the dash now,

won,t play dvds give me and error saying that my hard-drive has a problem and goes back to the dashboard after taking awhile,

and the fix it update did nothing.by the way i have a 4gig model,i love my 360 but is microsoft getting sloppy with their updates?

they claimed that they fixed the error with this last update but mine isn,t.

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Can't really say if MS is getting sloppy with their updates, doesn't work well for you apperantly, but mine has no issues before or after the update.

You have a 4 GB model? Does the update even fit in that space? xD

Seriously though, if there is a problem with this update I doubt this is the place where Microsoft will find out about it.

I haven't notice any changes. I hope there isn't something wrong with your Xbox...


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