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...Gametrailers' "Zelda Timeline"


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I'm tagging this for later!!

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I watched it. It was glorious.

After reading the comments section of this video, I am determined to watch this. I am posting this so that I watch it.

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Snesboy said:
I watched it. It was glorious.

I second this. 

Amazing some of the mythology that Nintendo has managed to create over so many years, that really no other franchise has been able to replecate. 

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The only problem I have with the video is that they do not do justice to the "fallen hero" timeline. If you think about it, nintendo didnt just randomly decide to make link fail , in OOT you HAVE to go back in time at least once (not counting glitches) to get the silver gauntlets (technically you dont NEED the lens of truth) but by going back in time to get those gauntlents, link created a timeline where he does not exist anymore... this is the "fallen hero timeline" , its the dimension that exists without link.

Just a sticky point for me, because the video made it seem like nintendo just decided to have link "fail" for no reason, where as it was perfectly logical because you cannot beat OOT without going back in time.

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tag for after work



Been waiting for this!