Sony Black Friday sales break 685,000

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PlayStation ecosystem does a lot better, again, everytime this is proven again and again.

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as if they thought "damn vgchartz we have to show real numbers now" lol

hope this is true.vita need such sales to become relevant for a steady 3rd party support.
I'm pretty tired of playing all these mario karts and mario jump'n'runs and these hide-low-tech-graphics behind cuty sugar nintendostyle games.

VGC... what U doing?

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

$180 for the Assassin's Creed Liberation bundle plus All Stars and 3 months of Plus was too good of deal to pass on. Now I just hope the Vita can pick up steam because I'm blown away by the quality of the hardware. Playing Uncharted and I can barely believe I'm playing a handheld.

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Im glad they both sold well this week, i got my PS3 this black friday and its probably the best console purchase ive ever made. Hopefully Vita continues to sell well the rest of the holiday season. I think in Feb when its been out for a year, they should discontinue to 3G version and drop the wifi to $199 to keep the momentum going.

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160k for the biggest shopping week of the year for a new system with a $80 price reduction for the week + relatively new color + high-end game bundled + download code for another new game ... isn't good by basically any metric. Even the GameCube would be ashamed of itself for a Black Friday week like that.

But it's better than the "dead as heck" level the Vita is usually at.

crissindahouse said:
as if they thought "damn vgchartz we have to show real numbers now" lol

I thought the same thing the timing was perfect.

This reads for the week if black friday. Microsoft put out numbers for the day of black friday. Unless I'm reading something wrong here.

was expecting better from vita since massive deals everywhere this month along with assassin creed and call of duty