I hope the WiiU is as good as its fame

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I've been looking for a small vacuum that sucks... well.

I've read so many people saying how the Wii gather dust like no other.

Seeing as the WiiU is the successor, I hope it doesn't let me down.

I'd say, it's one hell of an expensive vacuum. Still cheaper than a Dyson, though.

I haven't got around to unpacking mine. How fair does your dust gathering device so far?

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It aint got shit on a Hoover.

It could be

DieAppleDie said:
It could be

I'd like to see some pics as evident. Show me the dust.

Not only does it collect dust like five Wii's ductaped together but it also collects all fingerprints within a 10m radius.

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Well it should live up to the hype . Though it wouldn't be next " gen " if the wiiu doesn't RROD on a third of the consoles purchased by consumers !

I haven't even taken off that plastic that the system come wrapped in.

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It's like a Dustbuster. It's an excellent handheld vaccum.

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As with the previous Wii, it should take about five years before the actual dust collecting starts. Once it has started though, it won't let you down. It all boils down to whether you are willing to favor a long-term investment over immediate results.


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