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Let me get this straight. She paid to have an even fatter butt?

In this country we have teens throwing up to get skinny, woman installing fat implants, and people chopping off their genitalia for the opposite set. Why can't people be themselves.

I have nothing against corrective cosmetic surgery for birth defects, injuries, or other unfortunate conditions that make life harder than it needs to be. But people need to get comfortable with their own skin.

Just a little bit horrifying.

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I'm not a very religious person, but let's pray to God that these ass implants doesn't become a trend.

I came.

Haha, lady needs a a liposuction first.

Paintball The True First Person Shooter!!!!  

Minging. Nuff said.

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Console that will sell most: Nintendo Wii U

Who will sell more consoles between Microsoft/SONY: SONY


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