Forums - Gaming Discussion - CoD BO2 WiiU vs 360 comparison (real) with pics. THE UGLY TRUTH! D:

Which one do you like more?

WiiU 62 100.00%

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call me crazy but, the Wii U version looks like it has more draw distance o_O; while the 360 version is bloomed to shit. The Wii U back also has a more clear texture but the 360 version could just be blurred due to animation. 360 still has the better performance in single player though, FPS wise.
heres the link

the left pictures have a lower frame rate

omg that framerate...

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what? i dont see the deal with those small framerate drops....i think you should play some N64 games that would remind you what a real freamerate drop looks like

The DS shots are a little fluffy around the edges but overall it's the Ps2 that steals the show.

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the WiiU has less geometry but it looks sharper and doesnt have that original Xbox bloom effect (which is good)

the right ship has a higher air pollution which is not good.

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There is no boob physics in either version so they both suck