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For starters why in Satans Hell cant I change my machine gun device from semi to automatic? One shot at a time does not help.


How do I change my zoom in aim from pressing the control stick to maybe holding a right shoulder button?


any other tips for the worstest Halo player in America?

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you want a "machine gun"?.... pick a different load out.

I'm not really here!

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play bf, that would be my tip

That would help. They have that option on fps wii games, but I did not see it while playing.can I just press start and do that?

Halo pls

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crissindahouse said:
play bf, that would be my tip

 play like one HD game a year. please speak english or something a nintendo gamer would understand.

spurgeonryan said:
crissindahouse said:
play bf, that would be my tip

 play like one HD game a year. please speak english or something a nintendo gamer would understand.

you should play battlefield if you want to change one weapon from semi to automatic or back. if you play halo, you have to choose different weapons for different purposes. if you want a fully automatic choose the assault rifle, suppressor or storm rifle (but you should learn to use the dmr or battle rifle)

not sure about the zoom, i play with the bumper jumper controls but that still has zoom on the stick.

What about sniping. Is that a viable option to start? I usually start off as a squatter then move on when people start picking me off too much.

Thing is people have become surgical with the Dedicated Marksman Rifle and Battle Rifle. Its a snipers game now.

Get a Light Shield, itll help when they get the jump on you


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For starters get rid of the Assualt Rifle. Overall it is a one situation gun and unless you plan on crouching in close quarter combat situations then you will die a lot.

Use your grenades a lot. Grenades will automatically take down there armor.

If you feel like using the noob combo go for it. Charge you plasma pistol shoot someone change to your BR/DMR shoot one time to the head. BTW always aim for the head.

Crouching is very imprtant. I always prefer to stay off of peoples radar. Most of the time I always get the first shot off.

Stay with your team mates and try not to get double teamed.

Always pay attention to your radar

Anyways this list goes on but at least get use to the basics first.

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