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I remember seeing a 90isk k print for PS3 in north america, now its 108.  and was the 360 above the 3DS?

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Hmm...looks like they did make some adjustments. Here they are...

3DS (-54k)
X360 (+67k)
PS3 (+18k)
Wii (+32k)
PSV (no change)
DS (+20k)
PSP (+300 units)

Looks like they were.

Da fuq, they are completely screwing me over in the 10 week countdown with these adjustments.

€dit: they changed it when i posted so my post is useless.

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Doing maths....



man-bear-pig said:




€dit: forget it they changed what i posted wtf?

Maths out.

3DS -65,377
PS3 30,262
360 95,107
WII 48,025
DS 38,418
PSP 322

Oh God it will help my prediction in 10 weeks countdown.

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And.. thats what I like seeing