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* Sorry guys I was kinda missing the forum these days *

In November 24th, 2010 the most epic racing simulator ever saw in the world was released with a big party in Madri (Spain). That was the mark of the "NEW ERA" expected for year for all gamers fissured by race simulators. The haters, hated it clear, however the rest of the world were presented with more than they expected ... the game was fantastic.

Like every other game GT5 was some problems too but what Polyphony Digital did was truly admirable and set a new standard for developers "post-release support". Firstly we received updated every month (or sometimes week) with not only fixed bugs but new and better features. The growed, every part of it became better and new options and/or feature changed the game culminating in launch a new reatail version called Spec II in Japan.

The Spec II was not a new game, it was the same game with a lot of the new things made by fans for fans. Polyphony Digital listened all the fans in the world and did their job making the already great game in the one of the most beautiful and appreciated games of this generation.

The result? Sales over sales. The game showed legs never saw in any other game this generation exceeding all expectations. Firsty 5 million, after 6 million, then 7 million and now, tow years after release, it's over 9 million.

The US received your own Spec II version called XL and Europe the GT5 Academy Edition, a tribute to the biggest racing sim tournament already created in the world: "GT Academy".  GT Academy is not just a tournament, it's way more... it make professional racing drivers.

Yeap guys... Gran Turismo 5 is the first game you can use the word "EPICNESS" without fear of being biased because it deservers all the praises.




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The GTPlanet guys released the GTPEDIA * AMAZING *.

GTPEDIA: GTPlanet’s Guide to the World of Gran Turismo

*waiting for the 10m sales celebrations*

PD updated their site again... merged all the Edition together... so the 190k from XL Edition is added to total.



lol @people who said GT5 would be the lowest selling GT.

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I just re-bought the XL edition. I sold the original last year for $40, amazingly enough. I couldn't believe the used versions held their value for so long so I couldn't help myself, especially when I bought it Day One for $50 (Amazon credit offer). I realized that I needed to have Gran Turismo in my life, especially since I have every other game in the series.

The XL version has so many new things that I haven't even redeemed all my free car tickets yet.

It's an incredible franchise and I love the support they offer for the game. It's like the anti-Madden, where they don't make you buy a new game every year for new features. I love that.

This game continues to do well!

I did my part, I bought both the original and XL Edition!


I'm celebrating by re-downloading the 4.2GB patch at 150kb/s.

brendude13 said:
I'm celebrating by re-downloading the 4.2GB patch at 150kb/s.

Buy the new edition... the patch after it is just 400MB.

Happy birthday to an amazing game.

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