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bonkers555 said:

I have a few request here about my video games collection and how my setup looks like. So I have decided to take a few pictures to show where I spent most of my time playing video games at home. Enjoy.


 photo IMG_0632_zps745f2df0.jpg

 photo IMG_0640_zpse282a63d.jpg


 photo IMG_0633_zps231a0ecb.jpg



Retro Games

 photo IMG_0634_zps7b4a3e2e.jpg

 photo IMG_0635_zpsfda2b4e0.jpg

 photo IMG_0642_zpsc9e315ed.jpg

 photo IMG_0641_zps24ca4e66.jpg

Current Games

 photo IMG_0639_zpsfe93a457.jpg

 photo IMG_0638_zps42f0b384.jpg

 photo IMG_0636_zps3fcacf5d.jpg

 photo IMG_0637_zps6706a72f.jpg

 photo IMG_0643_zps9125bf31.jpg


 photo IMG_0644_zpse841669e.jpg

 photo IMG_0690_zps4fa877e8.jpg

 photo IMG_0674_zps640e1092.jpg


 photo IMG_0246.jpg



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Favorite game of all time?

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shakarak said:
Favorite game of all time?

SNES Super Mario World or PS1 Final Fantasy VIII

I could play your games for years...

O_O You must make more than superchunk

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I think you need some more space....

Also, I never knew that gamecube cases were weird!

Andrespetmonkey said:
O_O You must make more than superchunk

Nope. Currently unemployed. And I'm not kidding.

i wish i had room to have my collection on display like that haha.

Sadly my video games are spread across a few houses of family members in storage boxes lol.



Munkeh111 said:
I think you need some more space....

Also, I never knew that gamecube cases were weird!

GC cases are normal in Europe which makes a shelf look pretty awful, if you have European and American games side by side.

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My god in heaven. Thats a spectacular collection you have there. Have you played all those games or do you just collect them?