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More durable than i thought it would be

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Wow that was awesome!! Looks like moms won't have to worry about their kids breaking the GamePad.

Edit: I wonder what people, who said the GamePad felt cheap, will say about this. 

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That is cringe inducing. Impressive how well it survived though.

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very impressive considering that was concrete. My house is all tile except for a carpet I put down under the couch in the living room, so this puts my mind at ease.

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well Nintnedo have always spent more money on quality builds than gflops.



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But will it blend??


pretty impressive


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Nintendo's stuff often looks cheap but its durability is unprecedented.

It is obviously very durable but to truly test it you'd have to see it re-sync with a WiiU console. Something inside could have come loose. It does put mind to ease tough when I do buy one after the first console that my little brothers and nephews won't come and destroy it.

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