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So, I find myself to agree with most of the scores Eurogamer dishes out, but I can't help but feel that they kinda missed the mark slightly with this one:


Since I haven't played the game yet but plan to pick it up I want to ask you guys, is this review representative of the game? Does it ring bells?


Ultimately, is it worth 10 bucks?

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well I've purchased it, but due to it being finals week I've hardly had a chance to play it. I only got about 35 minutes clocked, but from that experience so far it's a well executed game easily worth $10.

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It's a German game, presumably programmed by Nazis. Of course the score is fair.

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Biased reviews are a pleasure to read. Just my opinion, of course.

That does seem low. I'm still a little peeved at the low scores that Halo 4 got. It hasn't left my 360, I've played the campaign through on Heroic and Legendary, and I look forward each week for the next Spartan Ops. It's my game of the year and yet it sits at below 90 on meta thanks to a couple hit seekers. I doubt Eurogamer is hit seeks and if they did it wouldn't be with a niche title like Nano Assault, but 40 seems far too low for what the reviewer admits isn't a bad game. Maybe the reviewer doesn't like shooters. If that's the case then they should find a reviewer that does. All the low Halo 4 scores were by people who wanted it to be more like COD. Video game journalism is in a sad state, that's for sure.

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.. Interested and will get this game.. maybe Eurogamer also thinks its suppose to be a FPS shooter like COD perhaps?.. just like how IGN reviewed zombiU with COD googles on.. and got disappointed it wasnt anything like COD.


The eurogamer review is ridicolous.

I actually haven't started this thread to bash eurogamer but to get some insightful input on the game. I purchased Shin'ens Fun! Fun! Minigolf and was pretty disappointed by the game so I don't think the developer is without flaw. I just don't want to step into the same turd twice.

Ongoing bet with think-man: He wins if MH4 releases in any shape or form on PSV in 2013, I win if it doesn't.

it looks good to me but I will have to play it before say if it is worth the price or not

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It says

"It is not a bad game in the conventional sense". To highlight only the first half of that sentence is silly.

It is clearly a bad game in an unconventional sense for this reviewer.

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