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Forza: Horizon is to receive a rally DLC pack in December, and Playground Games’ design director Ralph Fulton has discussed the incoming content in a new interview. Expect stage-by-stage rallies and a more pure rally experience. See what he had to say about it below.

As part of an IGN interview, Fulton described the full-on process of developing the rally DLC since Forza: Horizon went gold, and stated that the content would be independent of the game’s open world. However, he also stressed that the pack would tap into the rally vibe that some of the game’s off-road sprints were aiming for.

Fulton said of the DLC’s development process, “Everybody here now is totally heads down on rally. And they have been for maybe about a month or so, maybe six weeks, because obviously work finishes on Horizon in advance of it coming out.“That work really continues right the way up until December when we put the pack the pack together and release it on Xbox Live.”

On the content itself, Fulton offered an overview that seemed to fall in line with other rally game experiences out there, “We’re trying to put together a really enthralling rally package.

“I think there’s an opportunity to go much deeper into that pure rally experience,” he continued. “That’s maybe something we didn’t have the chance to do in the broader context of Horizon itself but we identified that pure, one-car-on-a-rally-route, really intense rally experience that you can get if you go deep into rally is something that I think a lot of people are going to respond to and really look forward to.”

It should be a substantial expansion, as Fulton suggested, “Now I’m not sure of figures, right off the bat, but I know there are, I think, seven individual rallies within the pack. Each event is broken up into multiple stages so you get that stage by stage experience in each rally, and that’s really what we’re trying to do there.

“We’re just trying to go a little bit deeper [into that] rally experience that you get from just having one car on a really narrow, intense, undulating route.

“It’s not going to be part of the open world, because obviously we’re changing quite a lot of the world and that’s going to make synching up between people who have and don’t have the pack difficult.

“So instead you’re going to choose to enter the Horizon Rally Championship. That’s going to take you off into a separate mode in which you get to experience the new routes and the new terrain that we’ve built.”

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Hell yes.

Im loving Horizon and a rally addition will be epic

Sounds good to me, Iove rally in racing games.

This is great! I just bought Forza Horizon on a black Friday deal and before it even gets to me it's become an even better value.

Awesome! I hope its similar to Dirt!

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Can't wait!


Cool, I may have to get around to buying it. Too many dang games at the moment. :P

this sounds real good, whats the prices like for forza dlc as horizon is my first forza game

I just got Horizon today, and I love it. I can't wait for the Rally DLC.

Maybe rally will be in Forza 5 now...


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)