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Finally, again, the economy is quite different today than it was six years ago.  While people are still willing to spend money for the holidays, you're not going to see the WiiU - or a newly released PS4/NeXtBox - hitting remotely close to $9000...

This is so true. When I visited America during the holidays in 2006, everyone was crazy spending (even the people I was staying with).

When I visited them again in 2008 (this was before the crash), all they could talk about is how they don't know if they will have a job, how fuel is expensive, how this is expensive. I perosnally found it amusing as petrol comapred to Australia was DAMN cheap still. They were so worried about their financial situation that they would not even spend $5 on a pack of 24 coke cans t walmart. To me that was like a no brainer don't think twice as 24 pack of coke in Australia was about $30 at the time.


I guess the point I am making, if there were signs back in 2008 of people starting to worry, I can only imagine what 2012 is like in the USA.


Wow, thats good to see for the US at least. It would have been nice to see if this increase is roughly even across america, or places that got hit really hard during the financial crisis are still in the shit.

Overall interesting read, each person on average spend $423 dollars. Which is really enough to buy a WiiU and a game.

My guess is most of those spending would break that up to invest into several presents for family members.

DS, 3DS and Wii price points would be huge swing votes, not to mention the very popular 360 atm in the USA.

Then we also know that every tom dick and harry wants a tablet, so WiiU ends up being significantly lower on the prioity chain for shopper atm.



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Yeah the recession is starting to ease, slowly but surely consumers are starting to come back, so this isn't really an excuse for the video game industry anymore.

If they continue to have downward trending sales year over year, then perhaps there is real merit behind the notion that a lot of people are simply opting to move their spending dollars to items they view as a higher priority in their life -- ie: smartphones, tablets, etc.

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i can only speak for myself but

1 - 32 Gb is a joke.   really bad joke at that.  i'd get a minimum of 500 Gb external so 32 vs. 8 is the difference between terrible and really terrible.

2 - not my bag, don't want it at any price.

3 - meh.  i'm indifferent personally.

4 - i can get that but there aren't that many games on e-shop yet.  how much would you save if you bought the entire catalog of games?

Well, at this point, I have a 500GB external HDD and a 32GB Wii U and.....I have absolutely no idea what to use it for.  I got Mighty Switch Force downloaded from the eShop and that's it.  There's no movie service, no place to store pics, no music service, no option for game installs, no DLC (to my knowledge--and I even have Call of Duty), and my Wii library is stored on the SD card that I used with my original Wii.

My original 20GB Xbox 360 lasted a full year (with only 16GB useable of that 20GB!) and you KNOW I'm a download fanatic.  32GB will probably last me for a long time.  Many other gamers, too.  I'm just saying.


I think your 4th post kinda confirms it.

Hmmm, so 32 GB internal flash storage is a joke. I guess we should alert all the tablet owners then.  And how about the poor suckers who have 360s with 4 GB of storage. I don't own a Wii U yet but when I do I'll get the deluxe model. The internal storage will be useful for a few things and I'll use an external 1 TB USB drive for anything else. For the 50 buck difference it's a no brainer.

I did not get the wii u.iam waiteing till after christmas..