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I know I am!

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Nobody cares? Well... Let's talk about Wii U then. zzzzzzz...


i am but not sure i can jump in at full price,if i see a deal i'll get it

im thinking about getting far cry 3 but im also thinking about getting dishonored. dont know which one. or i could just wait out untill next years early games and buy them all and not have to chose between some.

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I am surprised that Far Cry 3 apparently turned out so well. I fully expected it to be a turd. Sadly, I have allocated all my gaming budget around this asumption so I won't have the money to spare. I shouldn't have bought AC: Liberation >.>

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Yeah, I am. I am happy it went back to Far cry 1 rather than Far cry 2. The problem is that their are many games I other is Lego Lord of the rings that also managed to get an 9/10 from Eurogamer...And shits on Lego batman 2...


Sure am! Hopefully the PC version is beastly like they say

Watch this space - counting down to the GOTG soon

still not finished Far Cry 2 tbh :-p

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I pre-ordered this long ago, I really liked Far Cry 2 so I was always looking forward to this game. I wish I knew which console to get it for, from the video reviews I've seen on youtube the PS3 version looks like it has a lot of screen tear, but I was hoping DF would do a face-off soon.

Which console are you guys getting it for?

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(my gaming laptop died, otherwise I would be getting it for PC)