Forums - General Discussion - Can Disney do anything worse to Star Wars than This?

I wonder if Lucas was ever made aware that this exists. Seriously, LucasArts and Microsoft?

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They could of had Jar-Jar in there.

Fuck Dsister and Zex.

Talk about ruining what Star Wars is all about? It's scary to think Disney own Lucasarts and are making Star Wars Episode VII now, I hope they don't ruin it

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They don't need to; Lucas already has that covered.

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Guessed the contents of the OP before clicking on the thread.

Was not disappointed. Good job.

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I could see a dance number similar to this in the next movie.

Upcoming Kinect game..

Disney Star Wars dance crew!

Disney will take Star Wars to the depths of hell and back before they're done with it

Lucas did worse in the movies he made. Some of them are God awful, terrible movies in my opinion....

Star Wars fans are funny. The franchise has been whored around for years on any old shit.

Also why is this being resurrected, we had this to death during the games release.

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That is the best part in the game. So yes it's possible to do worse.

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Kantor said:

They don't need to; Lucas already has that covered.