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Forza is a well known name when it comes to racing games for the Xbox 360 console. Their games have typically seen great success and have a dedicated following. But Turn 10′s latest title, Forza Horizon, isn’t looking so hot. Or at least that’s what the current sales are telling us.

Right now you can grab Forza Horizon, which just released on October 23rd, for a small $15 investment on the Microsoft Store website. This throws up a red flag that the game is already tanking and hasn’t seen much in terms of sales in the past month. Why? Well, think about it. All other big games such as the Call of Duty series or Halo series tend to hold their value long after release.

Case in point: Halo 3. This game was released in 2007, just over 5 years ago, and still sells for $19.99 brand new. Even titles that aren’t quite as big as CoD or Halo typically hold their value for 6 months to a year before dropping an astounding $45. But Forza Horizon is on sale one month after release for just $14.99 when it debuted at $59.99.

This is very unfortunate for the game and the brand itself. It’s especially surprising considering the game actually received many high rated reviews, too. Here are just a few of the review scores give to Forza Horizon:

  1. IGN – 9.0
  2. GameSpot – 8.5
  3. MetaCritic – 85%
  4. Joystiq – 4 Stars
  5. Eurogamer – 9.0

With ratings like those you would think the game would’ve done well off launch date. While there aren’t any official numbers out as of right now, the current $45 off sale is a strong indicator that the game isn’t doing too well. When Forza Horizon released it didn’t really have any games to compete with. Is it possible gamers held off on buying it because of the near-future releases of games like Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2? Or was the game not on players’ wish lists at all? Who knows.

Forza Horizon is a bit different from the rest of the titles in the series, though. Instead of the typical racing event schedule the game is an open world where players are free to roam the roads. You’ll still have races to attend but you have free reign of where you can otherwise. Many of the reviews above state that this is something the Forza Motorsport franchise has needed for quite some time but maybe it came too late.

What are your thoughts on Forza Horizon? Do you like the game? Did you hold off getting it to purchase games in bigger franchises this year? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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It's $15 because it's a black friday deal -_-

You can't draw much conclusions on such a volatile and unstable sample such as sales on MS Online Store. Not many people buy their gaming products from there so it's only natural to expect lots of over- and undershipments there, which usually reflects on pricing.

Oh dear.

GT5 XL Edition- $10


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Dunno why microsoft release this game so much, it doesn't even sell without bundles...

Plus the reason for this is easy, there is already enough forza games on 360

LBP Karting came ou two weeks ago and we had it for 30 dollars. Half off in 2 weeks

PS All Stars Battle Royal came out last week and we had it tor 20 dollars off.

Just because something goes on sale on black Friday doesn't mean its tanking

Although it looks gorgeous I think it's an uncomfortable marriage between an arcade and a sim racer.
Hardcore sim racers might be put off by missing car customization features and the horrible festival presentation while arcade racer fans will find the game pretty stale in the racing department. You can't even crash, you simply push cars out of the way. The open world looks beautiful but is pretty empty and there is not much variety in the races themselves.

It's like they took the worst bits of TDU and Motorstorm, the festival atmosphere with badly animated cutscenes, and the boring grind of a sim racer. The map is rather small too and becomes familiar after only 2 hours of play. The longest race loop around the map takes less then 10 minutes to complete compared to over an hour in TDU. The longest point to point distance is about 16.8 miles from one isolated corner on the map to the other isolated corner. (Just 1 mile longer then the Nurburgring 24h circuit)

It's a shame really because the driving physics are great, the scenery is awesome to look at when you have time to glance up from the road ahead, and the frame rate never slips one bit. It would have been my dream game if it had the race variety and map size of TDU. Instead I was bored with it after completing the repetitive campaign in 13 hours. It looks like I traded it back in in time for $30 back.

Pretty stupid article but the overall premise that Horizons is tanking is a pretty solid one. It won't come close to breaking 2 million without bundles.

I've also seen Borderlands 2 for $20 which is an insanely popular game as well. These are simply black Friday deals

Forza fans like me think that Horizon's a Kinect only game