If you could make an exclusive for one of the Big 3, who would you choose?

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Who would you choose?

Nintendo 68 32.08%
Microsoft 51 24.06%
Sony 91 42.92%

Simple question.

Imagine you're the head of a development studio and you can make any game you want. You are only limited by your imagination. The only restriction placed upon you is your platform choice. The game has to be exclusive to one manufacturer: Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft. If you choose Nintendo, you can release the game on Nintendo's handheld and home console if you want; same for Sony. So which of the Big 3 do you choose and why?

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Thats just like saying, what console is your fav.

You should have done this thread with the restrictions that choosing each would have on you.

For me, both your situation and mine would be Sony because I prefer the PS3.

Also because Sony are more likely to let a developer experiment more and bring out new concepts for games more so than the other two.

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Killzone 2. its not a fps. it a FIRST PERSON WAR SIMULATOR!!!! ..The true PLAYSTATION 3 launch date and market dominations is SEP 1st

i choose sony to make a great wrpg *.*


It probably depends on the genre, but most likely Microsoft. Just because my game would probably speak more to American audiences. Plus the architecture of the Xbox seems to be rather accommodating, and there's a big market.

I wouldn't be very proud of myself, but it would make the most sense from a business point of view.

Microsoft because my game would be more focused on the American audience

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depends on the game.
would probably choose microsoft(they need more exclusives) or Ninty 3ds.

Microsoft, the 360 is more straightforward to develop for.

Nintendo for their innovation and IP's

would like to be involved in a Zelda game

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

I would make a SRPG set in modern times with firearms. I would have to do market research to determine which user base would be more receptive but that being said, due to ease of development and greater total software sales I'd have to say Microsoft. If you had asked a couple of years ago I would have selected Sony due to the greater combined user base for the PS3 and PSP but seeing how poorly the Vita is doing...


I've actually been thinking about this for a while now because Sony isn't really showing why I like them the most out of the big 3

I don't know how long it would take to get my own gaming studio started so I decided to start with Little Big Planet for practice. I mean it's the perfect game for people who might want some kind of experience in the game making field.

The games that I have been deeply going into thought with/figuring out what direction they should go in is

The Legend Of Dragoon

Legend Of Legaia

Wild Arms

Dark Cloud

^^^ I'm an RPG guy so I think I know EXACTLY where these should go in terms of direction

Twisted Metal - I've came up with about 5 new characters that fit PERFECTLY in this franchise and their stories. I've also been thinking of a fully new and better type of story mode that fits this franchise perfectly and more

Parappa The Rapper - I think I've thought of the perfect direction for this franchise that is worthy of the 1st Parappa on ps1( I might even go as far as saying BETTER than the 1st) and a new type of story mode that is needed

Ape Escape - The 1st Ape Escape is my favorite platform by Sony behind Spyro The Dragon. I have the PERFECT fix for this franchise and I'm still I'm deep thought with it aswell the other games

MediEvil - I also have the perfect fix for this game aswell and I feel that any new MediEvil won't be as good as it would have been if I would have made it. I know the perfect direction for this game and I believe that Sony doesnt know what direction this game should go in.

Toro( the cat) Inoue - I want to also make a game that revolves around Toro the cat and his world in the PlayStation Universe. I have a lot of stuff down on paper with his franchise aswell

Other games I've thought about

Sly Cooper - I just feel like Sly 4 isn't going to be that good for some reason

Jak & Daxter - I would take this back to its roots while toning down the gunplay just a bit

Resistance - it would be a perfect opportunity for me to snatch this franchise up because I don't think Insomiac is going to make anymore installments

Socom - I want to bring QUALITY back to this franchise

Syphon Filter - there is no reason why this game should not be on the same level as Metal Gear Solid and I feel like I can bring that potential out of it

Untold Legends - I want to bring the untold legends to the same level as ATLEAST Dragon Age. I want for people to mention Untold Legends when they are talking about great WRPGs like Oblivion, fallout, and Dragon Age.

And like 2 or 3 new ips but I'm not going to go in detail.

I also wouldn't mind making games for Nintendo aswell



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