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Welcome to the Vita Wallpaper Thread.

Need new wallpapers for your vita or just want to show off your wallpapers? Then you’re in the right place.

Feel free to post your wallpapers here, but please make sure they have the right format for the vita. The resolution of the beautiful 5-inch OLED screen is 960x544, so make sure that your wallpapers match this (I’ve actually no idea what this means but my wallpapers are form screenshots so it shouldn’t be a problem).

If you do post wallpapers please post a raw picture, meaning not a picture with all your apps on it. You can of course post these as well but if you do please post the raw picture as well so other people can grab it.

You should be able to download the wallpapers directly on your Vita just tap on the picture for a bit longer and the oprion to download pops up.


oh and when you quote someone please delete the pictures out of the quote this makes reading the thread easier.


So here are some of my wallpapers:

Nathan Drake












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Fat princess




Ok so far all of these are from ps allsars i will make some more later but i dont know if i will make all the caracters

Sneaky hug



Edit: Too slow

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I got some. Brb and tagged!

I made some for myself a while ago ... FF Versus XIII of course



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Here are some that I'm using on my vita.I'm keeping my vita wallpapers to my vita games only :) 

hey what's the vita wallpaper resolution again?

and thanks for making this thread man ;)

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