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Swedish Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios appears to have switched its focus entirely to next-generation hardware.

Studio founder Christofer Sundberg released the picture of console dev kits above, saying: "We're shipping 'em back. Going next-gen on your asses."

Last year Avalanche established a New York-based studio to focus on "large-scale, online-enabled original IP for next-generation consoles, handhelds and PC". Its main project was described as an "unannounced AAA title" targeted for release on next-gen platforms in 2014.

Hopefully an official Just Cause 3 announcement isn't too far off.


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Just Cause 2 was poor, cannot say I care about this.


My ass is ready.

Damm, another proof that my English sucks.

I thought there were saying screw next gen when in fact it's the opposite, they are giving back their PS3 and Xbox360 dev kits. lol

Thank God I clicked the link to CVG: "Avalanche shipping back its PS3 and Xbox 360 dev kits"

(In Spain, whenever we use "Ass", it's never a good thing)


Anyway, they are a very capable studio, at least when it comes to graphics. I'm curious to see what they can do.


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badgenome said:

My ass is ready.


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badgenome said:

My ass is ready.

aaargh sometimes HD graphics are scary

sounds ambitious,good luck with that

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