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Most important technical improvement should be in the field of:

AI 39 44.83%
Animations 9 10.34%
Graphics 19 21.84%
Physics 18 20.69%
Sound 2 2.30%

...one thing that you would love developers to focus most in future titles, from technical standpoint.

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i really hope a.i. will get a boost in some games, not much is as horrible as how most enemies or even a.i. friends act in games nowadays. i would love to get a forza or gt with drivers not stupid like hell and i would love to play a battlefield or something similiar with enemies not just running to me like an insane to play mr. suicide or standing behind one wall doing nothing except hitting with every shot on highest difficulty. and man could games like skyrim profit from better a.i. for enemies and characters in the cities or wherever!

animations are also often still bad nowadays but they don't bother me as much as the stupid enemies...

From the options i'd go for a.i.

Personally i just want a better suited library. (jrpg)

According to the poll graphics are more important than physics. Really?


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Of the choices listed, I picked AI. But to be honest, I'm satisfied with the technology we have now. Going forward, I just want to see more genres represented, and more mid-range titles. I think the medium suffers when there are only a handful of profitable genres and only a handful of profitable franchises.

None of the above ...

The technology in most games is adequate to produce the game, what is really lacking is any variety in the kinds of games that are available. In terms of gameplay, art style, and story there is as much variety in entire genres today as there once was in sub-genres back in the day.

I would enjoy if I would not have to deal with forced motion or touch controls, Social Gaming Elements, Play/Create/Share or forced competitive online multiplayer modes. I would enjoy if the marketing wars focusing on Shooters would stop and we would get back more variety on genres.

Game design. But that doesn't depend on power so it's unlikely that we will see that.

Sound was maxed in 1994 (orchestrated music + uncompressed audio).

More graphics. The current gen doesn't have enough of them for my taste.