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According to this face-off, the 360 version is the best out of the three consoles; with Wii U coming second in performance and PS3 taking last spot.

This quote in comments really got me thinking:

"The thing is that I just feel like Nintendo could easily have spent another couple of dollars to make the console *just* powerful enough to be obviously superior to the other two. If they had done that, they would have changed the whole coversation around the WiiU, and had a year to themselves as the clearly superior HD console, a year which could stretch into two if most people can't afford 720s and PS4s when they come out.

Instead, by 'cheaping out', if you will, they allow the launch and first year to be dominated by this horrible discussion of 'How the hell can it be less powerful than a 360?' no matter how erroneous that contention might be."

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In an ideal world, Mass Effect 3 WiiU would sell less than 900 copies.

I'm surprised it's better than the PS3 version. Did they screw up that one too?

Ps3 worst? Damn, what are those devs doing with the machine with the fastest RAM and the strongest CPU?

If it's really that complicated to develop games for the PS3? I mean one would assume the game should be the exact same thing on the 360 and PS3. I understand the Wii U situation since it's a straight port with limited resources but not the main game on the PS3...

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Damn the PS3 is the worst, How?

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To be fair, Unreal Engine on 360 has had many years of optimization and the benefit of having Gears to focus development as a showcase. Also to be fair, the 360's architecture is very efficient and easy to develop for; it's easy to underestimate its power.

Ji99saw said:
Damn the PS3 is the worst, How?

Unreal Engine 3 games usually run better on Xbox 360. The architectures of Ps3/360 are pretty different. With Xbox 360 as the lead platform, the PS3 ports always end up as the worst.

It's pretty surprisng to see the Wii U version outperforming the PS3 version. If it can do that now, imagine 5 years from now. I guess the Wii U isn't as weak as I initially thought.

that is pretty good considering the WiiU version is a straight port..... but we all know the WiiU version is destined to only sell 10 copies.. after how EA screwed the WiiU owners by released a Trilogy on the ps3 and 360 and not the WiiU, its expected.