Forums - Sony Discussion - So is Music Unlimited worth it??? it's $12 with PS Plus right now

I remember trying this out a few years ago for a trial and I really liked it. It was like a far superior pandora with no ads. My first time on it I heard a few new bands I liked I never heard of before. So for anyone that has this or has it anytime recently, is it worth it? and has anything changed with it over the past two years or so?

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YES its better than Spotify.

12 for a year? DAMN!! Sony is on fire with this deal. I'm subscribing!

Well this is for North America but I'm sure it's on sale elsewhere I don't see why they would limit to one territory.

Horrorfest said:

It was like a far superior pandora with no aids


Pandora gives you aids!!!


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Yes it does.

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Does anyone else have it?

I would buy it if the app was not restricted because of the region _

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Its an almost similar price in the UK 11.99 and its also 11.99. Nice to see they just switched the Currency signs and kept the same price. ;)

PSP Lifetime more than PSV+3DS Lifetime.

well is it worth it?

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Yeah I have it. Great service and it works with all smartphones, tablets and pcs.