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So MiiVerse and Mii Plaza are pretty cool but I'm also pretty annoyed that I can't see the games or apps I want to see in there.  I no longer have Netflix so I don't care to see that.  I have Assassin's Creed III and Batman for other systems so I don't care to see those.  The one game I currently have, Might Switch Force Hyper Drive, never shows up but I would love to see that.

Any ideas how to say I don't want to see certain apps and want to see others?  I tried favoriting things but that didn't seem to work.

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I think its based on popularity of Miiverse communities and your friend list. Kinda cool as you can see real people's interest and popularity of a game you don't own yet. That's actually all I've used miiverse for as well.

It would be nice if it took into account games you actually own and if you could actually say, no, I don't care about this game or app to give it lower priority (they obviously have to fill all the spots, but they should show apps I care about and popular games).

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