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So MiiVerse and Mii Plaza are pretty cool but I'm also pretty annoyed that I can't see the games or apps I want to see in there.  I no longer have Netflix so I don't care to see that.  I have Assassin's Creed III and Batman for other systems so I don't care to see those.  The one game I currently have, Might Switch Force Hyper Drive, never shows up but I would love to see that.

Any ideas how to say I don't want to see certain apps and want to see others?  I tried favoriting things but that didn't seem to work.

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I think its based on popularity of Miiverse communities and your friend list. Kinda cool as you can see real people's interest and popularity of a game you don't own yet. That's actually all I've used miiverse for as well.

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It would be nice if it took into account games you actually own and if you could actually say, no, I don't care about this game or app to give it lower priority (they obviously have to fill all the spots, but they should show apps I care about and popular games).

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