Black Ops 2 behind Modern Warfare 2 in the UK 1st Week.

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Mw2 Sold >1.80m units in its opening week 1.78m ~90%.

Black Ops 2 Sold less than it althought 60% of the sales were from the 360 version wich should put it above 1m mark in the United Kingdom alone.

Black Ops 2 Launch achieved over $500m WW in its first week and Mw3 $400m in the UK and US Alone, so that probably puts Mw3 above Blops 2.

Lower sales for Black Ops 2 might be explained by the launch of Halo 4 Last Week wich was huge on the 360 achieving over $300m in its first week on sale.


Although Lower sales on the UK doesnt mean the whole story since GameStop just said this was the biggest Call of Duty midnight opening with over 1m copies sold.

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I wonder if the GDP to Euro rates have had any influence.

Both Reach and MW2 benefited from a rate favoring exports from the UK to the continent (If I remember well 1 GDP was worth 1.11 Euros at the time...)

doesnt matter one bit. They made far more revenue in the same time frame and thats all that matters to them.

the conspiracy has begun!

Could it be that people are instead planning to buy the Wii U version?

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MW3 sold less then BO in UK, but MW3 sold more overall around the world...

I think this shows that BO2 will likely sell between 25-30 million copies...

I think compared to MW3 it will have much more staying power like Black Ops did.

Also with numbers so big getting 25 million sales or 30 million sales is not much for haters to take pride in lol...


If BO2 did like sub 25 million sales then maybe that is a clear sign COD is about to crash but really...


What will sell over 10 million units this year?

Fifa 13? Halo 4?

Black Ops: 55% X360, 42% PS3
Modern Warfare 3: 59% X360, 40% PS3
Black Ops 2: 60% X360, 385 PS3

The series should peak one of these years.

Just realized that between MW2, BO, MW3 and BO2...

They will sell a combined 105-110 million copies...

Thats from only 2009 till now...

^ That`s just amazing! 0_0