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Hey guys, so which one of you is excited to see the new WiiU icon in the sales HW chartz, and WiiU games in the SW chartz? I know I am :)

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You know that's right!

It'll be fun to talk about a new home console, and all the new dynamics that come with it. It's an exciting time to be a fan of video games.

Yeah, sure; but I'm far more exited to see the actual sales :P

The Wii U is a failure. It's getting beaten in sales by the Vita.

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Of course. Sales are why I came here in the first place

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Interested to see how / when the frontpage will be updated to include the next gen of homeconsoles.

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Where are they gonna put it? lol

Will they even put the Wii U sales up on the front or will they wait for the other systems before putting it up on the main page?  The 3DS didn't get displayed till the Vita was released right?

I'm super excited, I CAN'T WAIT


Who wouldn't be it's the start of a new generation (home consoles now).