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So I originally preordered the white WiiU from GameStop since I didn't care a lot about the color or extra storage. Then Nintendo announced the perks for the Deluxe and I was kicking myself. 

Fast forward to today when I'm picking up my WiiU. I give the guy my original receipt that said I preordered the 8gb white version. He goes in the back and comes out with my WiiU. He goes the usual want a protection plan, screen protectors, or games and I say no. That's when I finally look down at the box and see that is not the white WiiU, it's the black one. 

I ask if he's sure if he picked up the right one,he looks at the box, looks at the receipt, and says yup!  I don't argue, pay for the "white" WiiU, and go on my merry way. 

On one hand, totally that guys screw up that I even pointed out, so he's stupid. On the other hand, I took someone's preorder and left them with the crappier version, so bad karma. 

Am I a jerk?

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You are a jerk, but that's not why. Star Wars Kinect is why.

Not a jerk, but rather unethical. I don't blame you though, because I would have done the exact same thing. The employees fault, and you even pointed it out and he didn't catch it.

that means someone else who preordered the deluxe version won't get their order fulfilled and the deluxe version is a lot harder to come by
thats kind of messed up man...

No. It's his mistake.




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You are a lucky bastard (not a insult).

Not a jerk at all, enjoy your Wii-U!

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You did ask him. That's good enough.

Not at all! you're just super lucky lmao! enjoy it! I was only able to buy the white one and Black ops II XD

Did you pay Basic price or Premium price?

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You are not a jerk, i would have played dumb, his screw up not yours. Congrats on your WiiU deluxe..oh and have you thought of doing the lottery this week?? Mr lucky :)