Will a new generation kill Call of Duty?

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Seems like every generations there's a franchise that does amazing and the next gen it all goes into the shitter for some reason.

Guitar Hero

Tony Hawk

Final Fantasy

Crash bandicoot


Need for Speed

Tomb Raider

The list goes on, sure these games still sell but not compared to what they use to. Call of Duty just seems to get bigger and bigger with every new game they come out with, so do you think Call of Duty will suffer the same fate as a lot of games and slowly die off as a new generation starts?

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Inshallah, it will.

When did Tekken go bad?


Final Fantasy is OK , just not as great as it was before. 


Crash Bandicoot's been dead since the beginning of the last generation - same with Tomb Raider.


CoD will survive, I think what will die next will be Far Cry and Crysis.

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Nope. Too popular.

One thing is for certain though - Next gen CoD will be a massive system seller.

nope a new generation hasn't anything to do with that. The only thing that can kill it is time.

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badgenome said:
Inshallah, it will.


No. CoD is too big to fail.

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Neh.. It reached and surpassed yearly games like Fifa and Madden.. It will go on for a loooong time.. Even a bad CoD like the vita one will hurt the Vita more then the CoD franchise..


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I wonder what the next gen big seller will be. Last gen it was GTA. This gen it is COD.

We can only hope. Its a good franchise but Im getting tired of the yearly installments. Too much. Leave the franchise for a while.