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I want to ask this because the earliest memory I can think of is the first thing in my life that I believe happened first. If that makes any sense. Anyway I remember seeing nothing but black but then one of those old black and white movie countdowns came up. It started at 5 and went to 1, then popped up a building near my grandmother's house only it's in black and white too. Then everything cuts to black and pops up room full of people still in black and white. But I'm on the ground looking up. From that I know at that time I was a baby, but then everything starts to cut off to black and random everts start popping up. And start showing some color, the when all of this ends, I wake up in my room when I was a kid and have no idea what anything is. That was a weird time, but I want to know was what is everyone's else's earliest memory? And was it just as strange or stranger than mine?

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I have a very unusual ability to recall my younger days. I remember helping come up with names for my brother who was born before I turned 2 years old. I even remember the names I suggested: Giraffe or Sunshine. Once an adult, childhood amnesia usually limits our memories earlier than 4 or 5 years old.

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I remember several things when I was around 2, but I do not remember which was earliest.
I drank some beer, and thought it tasted disgusting. ( just grabbed a beer can)
My hair got lit on fire by someone/something and I did not notice until someone put it out
I remember a christmas. I remember living in 2 places, not sure which one was earlier.

learning to walk. I remember vaguely how much it hurt my leg muscles because I wasn't used to it yet.


I remember being a brown bunny. An eagle grabbed me by the head and killed me and my last memory is being carried towards the sky. I assume the next thing that happened was, being in my mothers womb.

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Probably 2 or 3 years old , walking in the aisle/area of Walgreens where they had milk/drinks etc o.o.

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My most clear memory is in preschool, when I was 4. Me and this girl hid in the playground after recess, climbed the fence and went on some adventures.

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You guys do have very good memory.

My earliest memory is about me being on the floor of our living room looking left and right looking for something and watching how 2 of my grandparents were staring at me.

I think I was 4 or something like that, and I just hit myself with something and was looking at what happened. If you have seen some kids doing it, you know what I mean.


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I remember being around 1-2 years old and biting the buttons on my moms cardigans while sitting on her lap, sometimes even resulting in the buttons breaking. In fact, I even remember how it tasted!

I loved doing that shit for some reason :P

I must have been younger than one in my earlierst flash of memory. My mother was pretty young so I grew up at my grandparents home until I was about 2. But I remember my Grandmother bathing me (like a boss) when the doorbell rang and my mother entered the apartment. I was excite.

Everything from two years on is pretty clear to me though.

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