Forums - Nintendo Discussion - NEWEGG has Wii U's in stock now! Plus their pre-ordered WiiU content shipping now. (SOLD OUT)


I received my confirmation and charged account emails today for my pre-ordered games through NewEgg. Given normal shipping, I'd bet the games get shipped early tomorrow (SAT) and thus arrive by mid week. Which is what I was expecting so no big deal.

However, at link above you'll see NewEgg tax free goodness to order a WiiU and likely get it mid next week as well as they only sell what they have in stock. Only oddity is they are forced bundles. No discounts but, they do include great games.

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Figured some might like this news. :/

I do my friend needs a preorder so imma tell him thanks chunk.

If i had the money. I would get it.


Mad55 said:
I do my friend needs a preorder so imma tell him thanks chunk.

Not preorders... actual stock. Should ship tomorrow.

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You know how I know I'm not drunk enough yet? I clicked on the link, saw systems still available, and still didn't buy anything.

Wow. Thank you so much. Just ordered the deluxe bundle :) I was so sad not to be able to pre order one before (I was on the "wait list" at gamestop) and I happen to be an avid newegg shopper so already have a preffered account and everything with them.

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oh man, this is awesome
cant say I really wanted black ops 2, and was/am still on the fence about zombi u but still, $543.50 for all of this when the 32gb bundle alone probably would have run me $500+!

Thank for the link! Now i dont have to wait in line at a store, if the store had any in stock.

If I had the money I would get it.

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