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When Nintendo's Wii U launches this weekend, it won't arrive with most of its primary multimedia features -- namely, Nintendo TVii, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, or Netflix. All were said to come pre-loaded on the new console, but reviewers found out early that a launch day patch would enable the functionality. As it turns out, that patch will actually arrive at some point in December, bearing Nintendo TVii, with the rest of the apps arriving "in the coming weeks" (no hard date is given for any of the apps). The console is still expected to launch with Miiverse, Nintendo Network, and backwards compatibility with the Nintendo Wii -- none of which is currently enabled on the Wii U (presumably still arriving in some form of day-one patch). We've reached out to Nintendo to see if those things are still planned for launch.


Edit:  Netflix says that the app will be available for download when the console launches but wont be intergrated for TVii until at least Q1.

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