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Sold an around 80,000 copies.  




Did it deserve it? Did it need more ads? Did it need something else? Tell me your thoughts fellow VG Chart members!

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your title needs to be modified to add "we need to talk about this".

Poor thing, it never stood a chance.

I haven't bought it so I can't really say, for certain. To be honest, after 20 years of Kart Racing, I only get excited for Mario Kart--and I'm beginning to wonder if it's because the series is awesome or if it's just out of habit. Kart racing may just be a genre that we've either moved beyond or the Playstation platform just doesn't have an audience for this type of title. Good games don't always sell well.

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No game titled "LittleBigPlanet Karting" would ever have a chance for success.

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I'll get it for Christmas and I'll let you guys know how awesome it is!

Sony has put itself in something of a conundrum; through almost exclusively targeting the "hardcore" they have attracted an audience that isn't very receptive to their attempts to appeal to casual audiences, while the actual casual players are more at home on the Wii and 360 and so aren't likely to jump ship for LBP Karting when they already have Mario Kart.

Question was it just me or did anyone else thought this was a vita game? I didn't know it was ps3 game until the chartz came up.

"Excuse me sir, I see you have a weapon. Why don't you put it down and let's settle this like gentlemen"  ~ max

That's what they get for not adding Kat. Would've sold like 3 copies more. And yeah, for a long time I also thought this was a Vita game. I thought it was a PS3/PSV crossover game.

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This should've been a Vita game from the start imo.