Forums - Sony Discussion - So with Kat in PS All Stars, will you buy the game?

Kat is everyone's favourite. She'll be free dlc. The PSASBR roster really needs more females and Kat is a welcome addition to the overly masculine cast.

But who will her rival be?

In Kat we trust!

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King of the Cosmos, tada!

I don't know, but I am slightly more inclined to do so now.

I imagine it will be Emmett as they said they will release them in twos for the rivalries. She'll probably mess around with him calling in his buildings from the sky or something silly like that using her gravity. The rivalries seem rather light hearted so we shouldn't think too much into it.

Should I add a poll?

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Who's Kat?

I was buying day 1 regardless. But good to see SuperBot listening to the fans so much. Both in gameplay and content.

In-Kat-We-Trust Brigade!

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Kat is a welcome addition, but I want one premium car from GT5 as well.

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Wait is it confirmed she is in the game D:!?



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