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Great review as always


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Conan is hilarious and making fun of "videogame logic" is always funny by non gamers.

Lol! Louis C.K. This is the only reviewer I trust!

Necrophilia hit man!

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really funny.

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ha,enjoyed that,good idea aswell,have to look out for some other good clueless gamers

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That was one of his best ones. Also very funny to see that stealth games really haven't evolved much and ridiculous events are still common place.

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That was great. Conan was like the kid in The Emperor's New Clothes. There are no words to describe the enemies' IA in this game.

6:10 it's fanservice, Conan.

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Very fun review from Conan. He really seemed to enjoy it.

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Hilarious, I was laughing the whole time.