Forums - Sales Discussion - 3DS will over take the PS3 in total Japan sales by the end of the month!

"Astonishingly, lifetime sales of the 3DS in Japan (now just over 8 million) look set to overtake lifetime sales of the PlayStation 3 (8.47 million) in the next few weeks."



Pos Platform North America Europe Japan Rest of World Global
9 PlayStation 3 (PS3) 24.26 26.65 8.61 8.48 68.00
15 Nintendo 3DS (3DS) 6.64 5.93 7.92 1.42 21.91

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People won't be impressed until it exceeds DS sales.

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Salnax said:
People won't be impressed until it exceeds DS sales.

I have been told over and over again that it will not do as well as the DS. Even though it seems to be doing just that.

ps3 was a weapon of mass destruction for sony this does not impressed me.

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not by the end of the month, no. But by the end of the year

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pezus said:
not by the end of the month, no. But by the end of the year

When is golden week in J_Pan?

Very nice feat.

Another feat is that 3DS XL will also past Vita LTD next week in MC numbers - it already did, according to Famitsu.
It did that in little over 3 months (and not killing the previous model)

Its funny seeing the 3DS overtake the PS3 in Japan before the 360 overtakes Wii in the states and PS3 overtakes the Wii in Europe. Kinda shows you just how far behind they were.

Damn, that is pretty impressive.

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3DS is on fire over there. Iwata wasn't kidding last year when he said they would take every possible measure to ensure 3DS was a worthy successor to the first DS.

I think 2013 will surpass 2012 in sales, too. If you look at the release slate in Japan, they've got Monster Hunter 4, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Dragon Quest VII, Luigi's Mansion... all exclusives. Big, big year for 3DS.