Did you switched favorite gaming companies this gen?

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Did you change your favorite console developer this gen or is it the same as always. If so what did you like before and what did you swtich to?

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I can safely and happily say I did. Last two gens I was all about Squaresoft/Square-Enix. This gen, Atlus is by far my favorite gaming company. From Demon's Souls/Dark Souls to 3D Dot Game Heroes to Catherine, Atlus is where it is at.

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Used to love Ubisoft, especially because of Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia.

Splinter Cell Double Agent was mediocre, and Conviction/Blacklist are just totally different games with a brand name slapped onto it. It's also disgusting how they've handled the character of Sam Fisher and how violent they've made him.

Prince of Persia doesn't interest me anymore.

I don't really have a favorite console developer. I guess it'll be Naughty Dog, since DICE has completely fucked up the Battlefield series, whereas Naughty Dog seems at least open to the possibility of listening to criticism and changing.

Nope, not this gen. Sony won me with FF VII on the PSOne and I haven't looked back. I regret losing Zelda a lot, and Metroid to a lesser degree, but that's basically it. Not a platformer fan so Nintendo doesn't have all that much to offer me.

The PS2 was incredible in terms of variety, which kept me hooked. I strayed into PC gaming after that, though, and never gave the original Xbox a look. I re-evaluated console gaming 2 years ago after a few price cuts and redesigns and ended up going with the PS3 because I liked its exclusives, I liked free online, and I liked that I could get it with $100 discount if I signed up for a Sony credit card.

Anticipating staying with Sony next gen because of Worldwide Studios and because I think they're onto something with PS+, assuming it sticks around. But you never know, I could change as easily as I did before if someone else blows me away.

I didnt so much switch. I expanded my experiences and became a hybrid Wii/360 gamer.

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No, I started getting bored with all three!

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I guess Sony to Nintendo...I only had a PS2 last gen and this gen I started with Wii, then got a PS3 later. I'd say Nintendo is now my favorite video game company

I still prefer Sony to most gaming companies, but Microsoft made up some serious ground where Nintendo fell off for me this go around. However, the biggest change, which is pretty obvious (I know), is my near 100% transition to PC. Never realized what kind of experience it offered, but now that I'm aware, I'll never be without some form of gaming rig, regardless of the consoles available.


Nah. Nintendo is still easily my favorite game company even though I probably put more play time into my PS3 than my Wii (unless you count the Virtual Console).

No. Square-Enix is still my favorite company.

However I do now recognize Naughty Dog as the most talent devs on the planet.