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Which console will you be buying?

WiiU 73 12.37%
NeXbox 101 17.12%
PS4 251 42.54%
All 3 46 7.80%
WiiU/NeXbox 19 3.22%
WiiU/PS4 44 7.46%
NeXbox/PS4 55 9.32%

With the WiiU launching this week I was curious to what next gen consoles you all will be buying and wether or not it will be at launch or not.  Personally fo me it goes like this.

WiiU-Pre-ordered and buying at launch

Nexbox-Likely another launch purchase for Halo 5 alone.

PS4-This one really depends on it's lineup as Sony doesn't have any franchise that I really follow.  I follow Metal Gear pretty closely but it looks to be going multiplatform, and in that case I'll just buy it on PC.  Sure I will buy a PS4 eventually but it depends on when they get games I really like.  It kind of surprises me that out of all the exlusives I buy for the PS3 I'm not invested into any of them except Uncharted but who knows if Naughty Dog will continue Uncharted or not.

I'm sure I will buy all three at some point but what about you all?

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Whichever ones give me the choice to use standard controls for every single game. So potentially 2 out of the 3.

PS4 like most gamers next gen. Possibly WiiU, but I'm still on the fence.

I am the Playstation Avenger.


Got my Wii U pre-ordered with Sonic, Mario U, Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed 3. I've always been a Sony fan but if the price for the new console is above 400$, I'm going to pass until a price drop. However if either a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts game comes at launch, you bet ima be being the thing day 1 lol ;)

On Day 1, could be either the PS4 and/or Nextbox (although both have to have at least 2 games that pique interest). To be honest, I'm not quite as excited for next gen stuff because of PC.


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ps4 or nextbox, but nextbox will have paid online and that is a bad point for them imo
the main reason why i might pick ps4


Next-Box at launch.
PS4 and WiiU down the line.

Impossible to choose until we get more information.

All of them.

At Launch

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BenVTrigger said:
All of them.

At Launch

I knew I liked you for a reason :p lol  One of the most level headed people on this site tbh