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I would like to have your thoughts about the 23rd entry of James Bond (especially from my buddy Amp, who I expect some interesting and developed analysis)

What did you think of it? Was it worth the hype? What was your favorite character?

I really liked the Silva character portrayed by Javier Bardem. It was terrific, Joker-like madness style.

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The trailer looked good, but I ended up seeing Looper instead maybe this weekend ill see skyfall.

I thought it was very good. A much more personal story and more realistic situations, but with all the Bond staples.

Best Bond for a long time.

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kowenicki said:
Best Bond for a long time.

I agree. Casino Royale was pretty darn good but I liked the psychological approach Mendes went for Skyfall. And at last they made more room for M!

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maybe i was tired...i felt a sleep and was woken up by the gun shot. I find it kind of long and boring..

I haven't seen it yet but it seems like a lot of people liked Casino Royale better which I haven't seen yet either.

Shortest Bond movie, ever. Bond died and we all went home.

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Mostly good, but the whole Moneypenny thing left a bitter taste in my mouth, especially after the Dark Knight Rises's ending (which I thought was an awful film)

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Didn't read anything in this thread since I'm going to watch the movie tonight. Will post my impressions later.

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