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So you want/have a PSV, but you are also on a budget, eh? No problems! Sure, the Vita has been out for less than a year, but there are already options for the more financially conservative gamer.

1. Systems

Currently, there are two versions of the Vita out: the $250 regular version and the $300 3G version. All things considered, unless you have a strong preference otherwise, you should probably get the regular version. BUT, there's a catch. You see Sony prepared a lot of bundles for the regular Vita, which allow you to get Assassin's Creed 3:Liberation, Madden NFL 13, and Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified at no extra cost. Other regions have even more bundles. Each bundle also includes extras like a memory stick and online content. I recommend either Liberation or COD, depending on whether you are really into shooters. Either way, you'll be getting a high quality portable game for free.

2. Retail Games for Cheap

Here are some of the less expensive choices that, for $20 or less, are still very worthy of your time, based on both personal experiences and general review scores.

3. PS+

This is hands down the greatest thing for a money tight gamer. For all PS+ members on PS3 they get the same type of discounts and free games on Vita. At launch the following games are all part of the instant game collection.


4. PSN Games

Yes, some of the best Vita games are download only. All of these games are great and a steal at their PSN prices.

5. Cross-Buy

Do you own a PS3? Well then you probably already own a collection of Vita games. All of these are free if you own the console versions.

Sub Catagory, Cross-Goods

All of your DLC and such on PS3 also works on Vita. This includes:

HD and Fury campaigns


6. PSP, PSONE, Minis, and PS Mobile

Once again, these games are a great at their download prices. They are playable on both the Vita and other Sony platforms. With hundreds availiable on PSN there is no way I could post just a few games.

7. LBP Vita

Yes this gets its own number because it is that good. For $40 you get every game, ever! This short list includes a few of my favorites.





Super Conductor

Retro Vector



Ant Guy

8. Free Stuff

The PS Vita has lots of fun games and apps even if you don't want to pay a penny. Frobisher Says is actually a great game!



Now, let's see what you can get for, say, $300, and for fun, let's buy nothing used and assume you are a strange gamer without a PS3.

*A brand new PS Vita ($250 w/Assassin's Creed)

*Assassin's Creed (Free with Vita)

*Wipeout 2048 ($20)

*Super Stardust Delta ($10)

*Mutant Blobs Attack ($8)

*SunFLowers ($4)

*Stardrone Extreme ($4)

*Table Top Tanks ($2)

*PulzAR ($2)

*Frobisher Says (Free)


But what if you have a PS3 and are a regular gamer on it? Chances are since you're on a videogame forum, you are. Now lets see what you can get for $300 if you already have PS+ and most of the cross-buy games.

*A brand new PS Vita ($250 w/Assassin's Creed)

*Assassin's Creed (Free with Vita)

*LittleBigPlanet Vita ($40)

*Super Stardust Delta ($10)

*Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Free with PS+)

*Wipeout 2048 (Free with PS+)

*Gravity Rush (Free with PS+)

*Jet Set Radio (Free with PS+)

*Final Fantasy Tactics (Free with PS+)

*Tales from space: Mutant Blobs Attack (Free with PS+)

*PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale (Free with PS3)

*Sound Shapes (Free with PS3)

*Wipeout HD and Fury (Free with PS3)

*Frobisher Says (Free)







Best Buy


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"*Assassin's Creed (Free with 3DS)"

... What?

*Assassin's Creed (Free with 3DS)

I think you might be fighting against your point.

Former something....

Hahaha I have no idea what you guys are talking about...

You might also want to add cross-play games since... you know you get the game twice for the same price.

psn games with crossbuy that come to my mind:
-Sound Shapes
-When vikings attack

both great games and absolutely worth the money

then there are ps allstars and ratchet and clank full frontal assult and i think sly cooper thiefs in time comming up for cross buy

also you could add that lbp vita is basicly an (almost) endless game since it constantly gets new leverls and you never run out of stuff to play...

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Lego harry potter is currently at a pricepoint of 15$ on amazone
plus i belive dokuro is at a priceponit of 20$ on the us psn
and there is sumioni as well i belive though i cant check since the eu doesnt have them yet.

also little deviants is under 20 as well tough i dont know if its any good

There is also quite some games that are at a pricepoint of 25-30$ (almost everything that came out more than four months or so ago)

and quite some games that have lauched with a 30$ price tag
-Smart ass
-Monkey ball banana spliz
and sonic and allstars racing transformed will also launch at 30

Cross Play & Cross Buy
When Vikings Attack, Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault (Nov. 27th), PSABR if you get the PS3 version, Sound Shapes, etc.
Multitasking, PartyChat in ANY type of game whether PSOne, minis, PSP or PSV, due note some Vita games do shut off Party Chat. Music in game for basically every game but a few, you still get YouTube, Netflix, Skype etc. And personally I can watch and download ALOT of shows to my vita through, from Fairy Tail Subbed and Dubbed, to Bleach Dubbed to Family Guy & Simpsons to Animaniacs (Literally all shows I watch through my vita in GOOD quality).



...I should have thought of this!

Love and tolerate.

Great thread. Keep it going!

Salnax said:


...I should have thought of this!

Sony copies Nintendo confirmed via this thread. l000l

If I had the money I would get out of this

-Wipeout 2048
-Mortal Kombat

Things not on the OP I would get
-LittleBigPlanet Vita Bundle (if its available in the US) (Only Wifi, cant see any reason to get a 3G version)
-Persona 4 Golden
-Disgaea 3
-Uncharted Golden Abyss


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