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Best Buy has a sale.


Love and tolerate.

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A new 3DS XL is coming out with Mario Kart 7 preinstalled! This is a $40 bonus!


Love and tolerate.

runqvist said:

I got a r4 card with a lot of games with my ds which I bought used. That was cheap gaming.

Maybe there will be a similar deal with 3ds too.

Cheap gaming for a cheapo.  You obviously don't care about supporting Nintendo so why don't you go "support" another company.  Go buy a PSP.

VicViper said:

VVVVVV is perfection to me.

The best western game of the decade, imo and one of the best games of all time, period. Simple everything, yet complete in everything.

I bought VVVVVV an d honestly I didn't really like it.  I prefer Cave Story.  Just my opinion.

Europeans, this deal is for you!


Love and tolerate.

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A moderate sized update, including a new section. Do you guys still care about this, or should we let it die?

Love and tolerate.

Herp a derp.

Live long and prosper

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Fire Emblem and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance are keeping me busy currently.

Where is this 3DS XL Mario Kart bundle for 200? Been searching for that for awhile and can't seem to find it. I'd buy that in a heartbeat, since that's the game I want 3DS most for anyway.

It's frustrating, I just missed out on the newegg deal for $30 off the XL, AND the $10 for Luigi's, which I was going to buy in order to get Mario 3D Land for free. I'm really close to getting a 3DS, I'm just trying to find any last minute deals before I pull the trigger. When you're broke as I am, every little bit helps..

The only problem with amazon is the crazy hih shipping costs!

I would recommend everyone checking out the amazing 3DS eshop. Like ios, there is a big game or two each week it seems. Minus the clutter of ios.

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