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Well, right now VGC has Angry Birds at .03m (although apparently it isn't being tracked in Europe by VGC). I believe Paper Mario can beat that in the first few mins it released.

I was at Target yesterday and heard someone asking for this game, and they said it was sold out. I'm shocked.

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*insert canadians joke here*


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They should have just put them on eshop like Cut the Rope for 5 dollars each. While still a rip off at least it isn't a total ass rape.

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It seems that everything's gone wrong since Canada came along

EVERYONE: Blame Canada! Blame Canada!

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*facepalm* I have lost faith in humanity.

And seriously, there should be some kind of law against how much you can extort people. Tomorrow we'll find out someone sold one of  their kidneys for an Ipad.....oh wait someone already did.


Maybe they under shipped them not thinking anyone would buy it. Lo and was sold out!

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Wow, got them all on Nexus 7 and Samsung III for free including Bad Piggies and the new Star Wars Angry Birds. The businesses know they can make a huge profit so they do it. Cannot change it much except for not supporting bad policies towards consumers with my own capital.

Well, Moorhuhn and Hugo managed to sell with a ridiculously high price tag too. There are always suckers who just don't know any better.

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