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I hope VGChartz becomes as big as those other sites. But I don't want this site to become overrun be idiots.

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totalwar23 said:
I'm not really a poster-I don't post anywhere else on the internet at all. Can't figure out why I keep posting here.

 same here

The more accurate the numbers get the more people will come. They are pretty accurate now but they will continue to get more and more accurate as time goes on.

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As the numbers become more and more accurate the userbase will continue to grow. Having a place to get weekly chart info is this site's killer app. As the site grows I can see it branching out to include the in depth news, reviews and previews that the other sites currently have. The numbers are key to growth here as they get better they get the more the site will be referenced which leads to more viewers.

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Well, I thought that neogaf will kill vgchartz but they are pretty close. Here a popular thread normally ends up with few pages (over 100 posts is a good results) and on neogaf there are bunch of threads with thousands of posts. Looks like a lot of vgchartz visitors don't post.
We can actually get lost of interesting data about vgchartz from alexa, check it out here:

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I joined IGN in 2000 before it was cool then... that was back when I used to look up the N64 section : ) the days...

I haven't posted on IGN in a long time, I ocasionally log on post and then leave in case they delate profiles that have not been used in a year...

btw- my user name for that was 2kilamockingbrd... not much has changed...

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add me, the more the merrier.

when it get bigger VGC may have to do some sort of insider board(free, but only for experianced posters)

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add me, the more the merrier.

I never really posted anywhere else on the internet other than Christianity forums.

Gaming forums, I got recommended from a friend that is a lurker and has not made an account yet. He told me about this site so I lurked for some time and eventually decided to make an account because I wanted access to the charts and to post sometime.

I do not regret my decision. I like the userbase here and I love video games, sales and conversing gaming topics with others.

It's just I find myself now addicted more than ever on this site, but I still visit my Christian forums :P

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Edit: VGChartz is increasing at the fastest rate.

nexgenwars isnt really big

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