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Yes, I was disappointed with 13, a LOT disappointed, It was a bit of a mess honestly, I enjoyed the battle system but the gameplay , linearity , pacing and storyline... meh, and I barely cared about the characters, even though It was forcing me to do so.

but 13-2 , is very fun so far, and I actually like talking to the characters, and Snow, I actually care about that douchebag now,  but I made this thread for the reason that I find it sad that people stopped caring about Final Fantasy because of 13, I get why they do that, but I am telling you to get 13-2 , and you'll start to like FF again, In my opinion this should have been 13 , and 13 should have been a "Prequel side story" like in FFX where you get flashbacks and such about Yuna's father.

for the people who played it, what do you guys think? don't give up spoilers, but honestly , I already saw the "Crappy" ending (damn internet)

and this might sound hypocritical  , since I've made that AC3 thread about not buying the game, see this game is fun with a crappy ending (its actually more difficult than the first , I  think), AC3 is boring with a crappy ending (yeah sure its filled with sidequest, but its too damn easy that you never feel any satifaction of finishing these missions)

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I feel bad for you... :(

I loved FFXIII-2 of course but it's not better than FFXIII.

But if your main issue with FFXIII was the linearity than I guess yeah you'll enjoy FFXIII-2 more.

Also FFXIII-2 was a lot more fun to platinum than FFXIII. The paradox endings are nice too.

I thought it was great, a step down from the first, but still great. It was nice to have a bit more side content and to travel from area to area freely, but that's the only improvement in my opinion. A solid 8.8/10.

XIII-2 was godawful. I didn't mind XIII, rather enjoyed it. XIII-2 has nothing positive to say about it. Few areas, small areas, recycled areas over and over, recycle enemies over and over, recycled XIII enemies, still really short game, crap story, crap characters, forced using same characters, crap cliffhanger main ending, crap alt endings.


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I know what you mean. I liked it quite a lot, too. By the crummy standards of this gen's JRPGs, it may as well be fucking Chrono Trigger.

XIII-2 is really fun, but it lacks polish IMO. The monster system feels half-assed and the story is all over the place sometimes. However, despite all of that I still love it very much and I plan to replay it soon.

Actually, I want to replay it so much but the thought of having to go through those randomly-generated anomalies brings me back very unpleasant memories!

Yeah I loved XIII-2. It was an excellent JRPG and one of the best games this year to me for sure.

Cant wait for Lightning Returns next year.

I am planning to play it sometime next month (after I finish Max Payne and FFVII Crisis Core), cant wait! I bought the game when it hit $19.99 on sale on Amazon, I think its back to regular price (which is $39.99) unless they changed the price to $19.99 again.

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I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Actually one of the better games I've played this year, surprisingly.

Though the story's really bad (ending included) and I thought the monster-in-your party thing wasn't too well implemented, I beat the game without putting much thought into it.

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