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Japanese comedian Hard Gay, who is hardly gay, was roped in by Microsoft Japan to promoteHalo 4 at a recent event in Tokyo.

While Hard Gay, whose real name is Masaki Sumitani, hit it big in Japan back in 2005, he hasn't appeared that much on television of late, save for the occasional appearance here and there.

At this Halo event, Game Impress Watch reports that Sumitani worked in his "Fooohhh!"catchphrase by exclaiming "Halo Fooohhh!" (GEDDIT?!)

「Halo4」前夜祭レポート [Game Impress Watch]

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What the...

Dat thread title x_x

... lol

I'm kind of dissapointed now. :P

Hard gay XD

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For the people who don't know him:

He is also the guy who went complaining to Yahoo that they stole his YAHOOOOO!!



The title.. lawl

And master chief looks short. 


pff copy cats Itagaki already used him for a Devil's Third teaser

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He appears to be a much funnier version of Bruno.

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This picture looks unreal